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Welcome to Prosperity Partners, Inc., your source of alternative funding for Structured Settlements, Lottery Winnings and Annuities. Since 1993, Prosperity Partners, Inc. has purchased over $1 billion worth of payment streams, demonstrating our knowledge, resources, due diligence, procedures and depth of commitment to our customer base.

Our mission is to provide the appropriate amount of attention and care to each of our clients, working closely to structure a transaction that not only is specifically designed to meet your current financial situation, but whenever possible, leaving you with income for future financial needs. By focusing on your specific needs within any given situation, we can minimize the costs and discounts associated with selling future payment streams.

In purchasing cash flows that have historically been ignored by traditional lending institutions, Prosperity Partners, Inc. can provide a desirable funding alternative to a traditional loan. We have established specific guidelines for working with each of our products, and ensure the quickest possible funding timeline. Recipients of deferred payment streams can customize any structure designed to meet their financial goals. Striving to make the process as simple and cost efficient as possible, our commitment to customer service is what sets us apart. For unmatched integrity and personal attention, call Prosperity Partners, Inc. today.